• 1998
    AUMEGO brand focuses on the production of special transmission products in the field of broadcasting and television, including TV differential transducer, modem, one-way bidirectional amplifier and branch distributor.
    The equipotential processing technology was first developed successfully. The lightning protection effect of the product developed by this technology has nothing to do with the grounding resistance (i.e. lightning-free grounding wire technology). At the same time, it began to be commercially used in the National Radio and television industry.
    The first equipotential arrester patent ZL 982 35000.7 has been obtained in China.
    In November, "equipotential" processing technology won the award of "Major Scientific and Technological Research Achievements of Guangdong Province".
    In December, AUSCO's "AL-20K" lightning arrester was awarded "Key New Products of Guangdong Province".
    The products manufactured by equipotential lightning protection technology in December had passed the quality control of Beijing lightning protection inspection agency in that year.
    Participate in providing lightning protection solutions and supporting products for logistics support system of Beijing Ministry of Railway.
    Providing lightning protection solutions and supporting products for the "Village to Village" satellite TV receiving stations throughout the country, including Guangdong, Sichuan, etc.
    Chongqing, Guizhou, Hunan and Guangxi have used more than 400,000 sets in three years.
    Participate in the development of lightning protection solutions and products for the three-tier network system of the Communication Office of the Guangdong Armed Police Force, and supervise the communication office of the Armed Police Force.
    Under the system, the lightning protection products will be produced and supplied to the main and sub-systems of the three-level network of the whole unit.
    The lightning protection products of three-tier network host computers have passed the certification of "Quality Supervision and Inspection Center for Protection Performance of Communication Products of Ministry of Information Industry".
    The solution and product service of lightning protection for digital TV bidirectional transmission network are introduced.
    Beijing Zhongnanhai issued instructions to the Guangdong Provincial Government Office. The Zhongshan Municipal Government Office was responsible for auditing the Aomegao brand.
    After strict selection, the Aomegao brand eventually obtained lightning protection products for the communication equipment of the "China Global Embassy"; at the same time, the Aomegao Sorghum has been awarded lightning protection products.
    Two times into the Central South China Sea in Beijing.
    Beginning with provincial telecommunications branch research and development and launch PHS station lightning protection solutions and supporting products, including Shandong, Fujian, Guangdong, etc.
    Guangxi and other four provinces are basically fully installed.
    We have started to develop and launch lightning protection solutions and professional supporting products for safety monitoring and control systems such as Ping'an City, Skynet Project and Road Gap.
    Participate in provincial electric power branch research and development of lightning protection solutions and supporting products for automatic meter reading system.
    A lightning strike counter for the first lightning-free ground wire has been developed.
    The automatic reclosing leakage protector is introduced, which has the function of automatically restoring power supply after tripping.
    A lightning-proof power supply with integrated design is introduced to protect the main power supply of front-end monitoring equipment from lightning and to supply power to AC24V and DC12V.
    A new generation of "DDW equipotential" lightning-proof ground wire technology has been developed. On the basis of the original devices, the absorbed energy of lightning protection has increased by 20%.
    The level of protection dropped by less than 22%.
    On the function of the original automatic reclosure leakage protector, the lightning protection function with "output device" is introduced. Lightning Protection and Automation
    Reclosure two-in-one design to reduce occupied space.